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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Grand Master of Utah on TV

MW Robert M. Wolfarth, the Grand Lodge of Utah's newly elected Grand Master, scored a 30 minute sit down interview with the Salt Lake City PBS station's local interlocutor. It airs Sunday, but has been posted a little early on the KUED-TV website at Utah Conversations with Ted Carpener HERE.

I visited Salt Lake City in March of 2008 as a guest of Wasatch Lodge 1, and met a whole room full of then-recently joined Brethren. They were among the most interested, excited, and enthusiastic Masons I've ever met, and over the years, more than a few of those very same Brothers have gone on to become Grand Master in that state. Robert is one. Nicely done - all the best for a great year!


  1. I was able to sit in a leadership training with Bro. Wolfarth today. He is a great leader and a fantastic Mason.

    Jayson Carlson Story Lodge #4

  2. MW Wolfarth is a great man. Articulate and inspiring. I'm very proud to belong to a jurisdiction under his guidance. If you ever find yourself traveling to Utah again, look up our little lodge in Ogden.

    Richard Vier
    Golden Spike Lodge #6, F&AM of Utah


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